Sgt. Frog: Manga on a Monday


Hello, welcome back to “Manga on a Monday” the manga review series that has consistently only reviewed things no one cares about. This week we’ll be taking a look at the classic long-running comedy-Shounen manga series, Sgt. Frog (Keroro Gunsou), specifically Vol. 1.

Not before I get into reviewing the actual content, I would like to take a quick look at the quality of the volume itself (specifically the Tokyo Pop edition). The first thing that stood out to me was how absolutely atrocious the cover art of this volume is. It features a weirdly complex (probably prototypical) design of Sgt. Frog, floating in the air with electricity, a boring logo, and the other main characters flipping shit. I can tell you right here and now that if I didn’t already know what Sgt. Frog was I would never have bought this manga, just judging by the awful cover art. The book contains three short pages of bonus content, but I’m used to Vertical manga at this point, so I had almost forgotten that that’s about average. This volume also doesn’t have color pages at the beginning, although it does have pages that have better shading than the rest. The paper quality also isn’t the best, but eh, whatever.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, on to the content proper. This first volume introduces us to Sgt. Frog as well as the three other main characters, and a few other “frogs”. Most of the characters are to some extent generic tropes but they were still entertaining enough to read interacting with one another. The comedy was once in a while downright hilarious, but unfortunately most of the time it kind of fell flat. It’s certainly not the best comedy manga ever (I would give that award to Nichijou) but it’s also not the worst, it’s at best middling. The concept of the series is kind of humorous, but a more skilled writer could have done it better. The art is also not that best as many times during the manga I was thinking to myself “I hate how this looks”. Of course, nothing ever looks as bad as the character art in say, Voices of a Distant Star, but they’re never great. Although I have heard from fans that the art and writing get exponentially better, so these criticisms may only be valid for the first volume or two.

With that I think, I will be leaving you. leave your thoughts and opinions on the post and the mang down below. If you have any suggestions for manga I should cover in the future, leave them down there as well. Au Revoir.



Episodic Anime Blogging is Completely Unhelpful. – Editorial.

This season I was planning on doing an episodic anime review of the series “Girl’s Last Tour”, of course, that was before I suddenly came to the realization that such posts are completely unhelpful to the reader. I have been reading episodic anime blog posts since back when Haruhi Suzumiya was airing in 2006, and I can’t believe I didn’t realize this earlier.

My major problem with episodic anime blogging stems from the central conceit of the style: giving your changing opinions on a show over time (in this case “time” being each episode). Even though these posts tend to market themselves as “reviews” they don’t function as such very well. When I read a review I want two pieces of information: what the author thought of the series personally, and if I should watch it. unfortunately, episodic reviews cant give me this information. They simply tell me how good a single episode was, and while bingeing (which is how I watch anime) that information isn’t exactly necessary.

Now it’s not that these reviews are inherently useless, they’re just that for me. I much more prefer reviews of a full series or heavy analysis content/ opinion pieces. Now, I know this is a shorter one (only being able to get two paragraphs out of it) but I’ll leave you there, as I don’t want to draw this point out longer than it needs to be.


Attack on Titan, kinda sucks.

attack-on-titan-tribute-game-03-700x393Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime series of all time and is certainly the most popular in recent years (next to SAO). With the second season currently airing in Japan, I’ve decided that Joe would be a great time to talk about my feelings on the series as a whole. As a side note before we get into the thick of things I have not read the manga and as such will be focusing on the anime only.

As popular as this series is I had never seen it until a few weeks ago, to get ready for the new season (so I could be in on the conversation). But what I found was a bland, kind of a predictable mess of a series that (believe it or not) I didn’t enjoy, at all.

One of my biggest problems with AOT is its colour palette. shows aesthetic sensibilities do not line up with mine. You see, I like colour in my anime. Hence why I’m such a big fan of Mahou Shoujo series like PreCure and Cardcaptor Sakura. As seen in the photo above the series art style of ATOT is incredibly… brown. Everything in this series melds into one another, as the character designs are prominently brown, as are all the backgrounds. Even the Colossal Titan has this problem (having a brownish tint). This makes everything hard and boring to look at.

Another huge problem I have with AOT is that it just feels like gore for the sake of gore. Now I need to remember while criticizing the series that it is a shounen and as such ran in Bessatsu Shounen Magazine. This means that it is a series aimed at teenage boys, so of course, it would have a bit of gore as to appeal to this demographic. But just because it’s a shounen series does not excuse this. You can tell a dark story without the gore being there just for shock value (which it is). Take for example FMA: Brotherhood. This series is considered by many to be one of the best anime of all time (although not me personally). It tells a dark, mature, and intriguing story, even though it doesn’t rely on gore or shock factor. AOT seems to want to be a mature, dark, and intriguing series like FMA but falls flat because of this crutch of gore.

As well as this the characters in AOT suck. In a good story of this nature, you’re supposed to care is something bad happens to these characters, but I don’t give a single shit about any of the characters in Attack on Titan. Eren (the main character of the series) is a boring character whose motivation is to avenge his dead mother. This motivation can be done well but in this show, it is not. A good character with this motivation is Bruce Wayne, Batman. The reason why these two characters with the same motivation are so different is quality is because where Eren is very one note (“I will avenge my mother by committing genocide”) Batman evolves over time, sure his dead parents are still his main drive, but he starts to care for other people, not just his selfish need to avenge someone long gone. This (for me) makes it impossible to relate, or even has a small bit of respect or admiration for Eren.

That’s just my opinion, but fell free to share yours in the comments, were I would love you to leave any criticism or thoughts! I’ll see you in the next one.


Upcoming Anime Reviews 2017

Sorry about the hiatus but today was my last day of exams so I’ll be getting back into the swing of things soon and in the meantime, I decided to compile a list of upcoming reviews (in no particular order):

Lupin III (2015) – completed:

Hajime no Ippo


91 Days

Astarotte no Omocha


Code Geass

Concrete Revolutio

Flip Flappers


GITS: Stand Alone Complex

Fight Ippatsu


Heartcatch PreCure

Hidamari Sketch- completed:

Humanity Has Declined


JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure

Koro-Sensei Quest

Little Busters

KonoSuba S2

Log Horizon

Lucky Star

Lupin III

Little Witch Academia (TV)


G Gundam

New Game

Welcome to The NHK


Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei


Stella no Mahou

YuYu Hakushou


Of course, there will also be posts in between those reviews but this will be my main focus in 2017. See you Then.


30 Day Anime Challenge Day 7


Before I begin the main section of this post I would like to say that I may only be able to post every few days and not everyday for a while. I have semester finals coming up and need to hit the book (unfortunately, that means I won’t be able to watch as much anime but, oh well). If I can’t finish the challenge don’t worry I’ll pick it up again as soon as they’re over.


I, unfortunately, jumped the gun on this one and basically answered the question in one of the previous 30-day anime challenge topics (favorite female anime character). But I left out one of my absolutely favorite characters in that post (I didn’t want to make it longer than it had to be). That character is Kanade from “Angel Beats!”. As I have mentioned many other times on my blog Angel beats is my favorite anime of all time.

Kanade is the most adorable character of all time. That may be because of my love for lolis. She is one of my favorite archetypes the deadpan loli. Or at least she was at the begining of the series, not so much in the last few episodes. like all the characters in Angel Beats she has a spectacular design and is very well written. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a lot more to say about this character so, please leave any criticisms in the comments down below and if you liked this why not read some more of my posts? Anyway, I’ll see you guy later, bye.

30 Day Anime Challenge #5



I love Kampfer. No, seriously I’m not kidding. Okay, listen I’m not going to say that “objectively” Kampfer is an amazing show, because it’s not. In fact, you may say that this is a generic light novel anime, which it is. But it’s also not.

Kampferfeatures a male student named Natsuru who is one day turned into a Kampfer but only girls can be Kampfers, so he becomes a girl. Over the series, he gains a harem of other Kampfers who want to fuck him… I mean her? Um. It, in both forms. So now Natsuru needs to go to school as a girl and buy at the SAME TIME. I don’t want to spoil anything else (as if anyone will ever actually read this).

Now I’m going to tell you why I loved this show. I was watching it with my dog when he died peacefully. So yeah I am not objective when it comes to this show, but I don’t want to be objective. Objectivity doesn’t exist so I won’t try and tell you I am what I can’t be. I thought the plot and premise were pretty cool, but the fact that it ended so abruptly kinda sucked.

I don’t really have much else to say about Kampfer other than the fact that I know it actually sucks, and the fact that I love it makes me incredibly disappointed in myself. Nothing else I like is anything like this either so I cant really wrap my head around why I love it so much. Please leave any comments and criticisms in the comment, if you liked this why not stick around and read some of my other posts. Well that’s it for me, I’ll see you guys later. Bye.


30 Day Anime Challenge #4


This was a very hard decision. Even harder in fact than choosing my favorite male anime character, the reason this was so hard is because of a little thing called waifus. Listen, I didn’t want to turn this blog post into a favorite waifu thing but I just couldn’t help myself. So I was torn between the two greatest lolis of all time, Taiga and Megumin.

Even as I’m writing this post I can’t decide which of these characters are my favorite. Megumin is the most adorable character of all time. But Taiga is also incredibly cute and has the most character out of the two. Errrrrrrr… Oh my god I’m dying over here. Please, lord and savior Kirito help me decide which girl is, in fact, best? Oh. Are you sure? All of them? Well um… Okay. So according to Kirito both girls are best. So I will explain why I like both and not choose just one. Because I’m just that big of a pimp.



Ah yes. Megumin. She was the first character I ever declared to be my “waifu”, she waa also my introduction to the beauty of the loli. Oh shit, the cops just showed up. She has one of my favorite designs of all time. From that now iconic hat to that one piece, long-armed dress, and cape she has what is probably one of the most recognizable designs ever (at least for me).

But it is not just her design that I love. The character doesn’t have THAT much personality, but what she does have is incredibly charming. She is so utterly obsessed with explosion magic that it literally becomes self-harmful (but how obsessed she is with it IS JUST SO CUTE). I just realized that I really don’t have any reasons other than the fact that she is just so goddamn attractive. Sooooo… Um. Taiga is up next.



Hey! Look who it is, Taiga, the greatest tsundere of all time! But not only is she a tsundere, nonono. She is also a loli. A tsundere and a loli? The perfect combination. I realise that my reasons for likeing megumin are incredibly shallow (I also don’t care) but I love taiga for completely diffrent reasons.

Taiga is a good character, with real emotions, and and a real character arc. She has motivations that we can understand (I don’t want to spoil it soi want say what). While she doesn’t always act likee a real person she is at least better then your average loli or tsundere. The romace that she has in the series is beautiful and hert crush on a person who friend zoned her is somthing I think everyone can understand. While the lengths that she goes to in the name of that love is  quite exagerated shwe is still a great character who is more realistic than your average lightnovel character… *cough* Kirito *cough*.

She has a great character design, which passing the shilouete test with flying colours. The colour scheme is one of my favorite of all time after Kamina  and Simone. She is so ultimitely cute, and shal I say it BEAUTIFUL. As well as th- wait no Kirito I’m sorry. I was just joking, I wasn’t serious. You’re not tht worst character of all time. The guy from the Ass-war is worse. oh. okay he’s gone.

Sorry about how thatkind of wen’t off the rails, i just wanted to trysomthing diffrent. So I will see you tommorow when I awnser that uktimate question, what anime am i ashamed I enjoyed? Until then, leave all critizism or advice in the coments, i appreciate everything. And I will see all you hikikomori, who I asume are my primary demographic later.


30 day anime challenge #1

564835I have no idea what this is. I don’t know the time frame, the edict or how this started. I just need to get more content out after an inconsistent first few months. So today I will be starting the 30-day anime challenge, I hope you enjoy.


The first anime I ever watched (not counting Pokemon) was Dragonball Z  Kai. I woke up one Saturday morning, I had just found out about Sonic X at school the day before and decided to watch it that morning. But when Sonic X was over the next show to be played was DBZ Kai episode 2, and holy shit did my 9-year-old mind explode. I saw super buff dudes punching each other in the face at the speed of sound and shooting lasers from their hands and that was everything young me loved.

I wanted to BE just as strong Goku, every time he trained on screen, I did to (although not to much avail). From that day onward I watched every episode multiple times, eventually completely leaving Sonic X behind. I then went on to watch Dragonball GT, which at the time I loved. I never watched the original Dragonball until a few years ago, though. But I bought all the figures (even the Tamashii Nations ones), the t-shirts, and the films.

Dragonball Z was to my childhood, what Fairly Odd Parents was to my friends. It was what made me who I am today (an annoying otaku who spends her free time on 4-chan and making comics no one will ever see). While a lot of people left their gateway anime like Naruto or Bleach behind, I’m proud to say that I still love, and respect Dragon Ball. To this day I still watch everything Dragon Ball related that is released.


Life After Angel Beats.

thumb-1920-135330.jpgI have recently finished watching the anime series “Angel Beats!” and holy shit was it ever amazing. I now consider this series to be my number one favorite anime of all time. Which is just a testament to how much I loved it because “Wandering Son” has been my favorite anime without falter for a whole year today. But why is this show my favorite? Well besides the hilarious comedy, the amazing characters, the great fight scenes.

There are so many reasons to love Angel Beats. But it did something to me that no anime has been able to do since Maes Hughes death in Fullmetal Alchemist. I cared so much about these characters that I cried a whole four times during the fifteen episodes (That of course if much less than most people (unless you’re a heartless monster, or don’t like angel beats in which case, what the hell is wrong with you?). But me crying from both joy, and sorrow during this show does not mean that it was instantly my favorite anime. That took me two episodes. The first episode was fast-paced and had a lot of action and comedy, and was a great episode, but it didn’t grab me like the first episode of FMA:B or Wandering Son.

After I got over this though I found my favorite anime of all time. And I absolutely loved it. Which is kind of obvious. Although that, of course is not saying that this is a perfect show, it has multiple offenses of shitty pacing, and not fleshing out the secondary characters enough. Although there is a reason for this, which is that it was supposed to be MUCH longer, probably around 24 episodes. Luckily though, the manga and the visual novel do fill in this gap.

This show really made me think, which is something I absolutely love. It made me question the importance of life, death and a god. The main character of the show is a man who has no memories of his life, and as such is sent to the purgatory where people who didn’t get to live out their youth go. (Spoilers ahead) but, he actually did live out his youth, because his sister’s death motivated him to become a doctor, where as everyone else never got to live their lives to the fullest. In fact, the mc died saving one of the other characters, Tenshi with the organs that he donated.

The fact that none of these people who were so young got to live their lives to the fullest got me thinking, that I need to do something to make my life worth living. So I decided to not be held down by what I’m supposed to do, and just do whatever I want. Which I believe will make me enjoy the short lifespan I have as much as humanly possible. I have decided to travel the world, and as I’m doing it try new things, I have decided to get two majors in University, (those being animation and robotics engineering). This show inspired me and I know it has inspired so many other people as well. Hopefully it’ll do the same for you. So in the end, this show is definitely a 10.