K-On! And Preconceptions.


K-on is one of my favourite anime series of all time. It features my favourite characters, favourite music, and favourite setting in an anime. But my opinions after watching the series aren’t what I want to talk about on this day. What I shall be discussing today is how K-On beat the preconceptions of many who watched it. At least, those who watched it the whole way through.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from K-ON and really as far as I can tell, neither was the rest of the anime community at the time. To me, it just felt like Kyoto Animation wasting their time instead of making Haruhi season 2. Then it was released. And the first episode was actually kind of mediocre. It wasn’t great, yet at the same time, it wasn’t bad. It just kind of felt like another entry in the slew of mediocrity that was (and still is) most of the moe genre.

But then episodes two came around and, something happened. I saw a character who started out with absolutely not motivation in the first episode, gain the want for something, a guitar. She wants this guitar so she can be more to the Light Music Club than just someone who sits around and wastes time while they practice (and also do their fair share of sitting around wasting time). In fact, she goes so far as to get her first part-time job, just to get this guitar. This blew me away when I first saw it, “Character development? In a moe show? This is incredible!” is what I’m sure I was thinking at the time.

from then on in my perception of this series as merely a fanservice, only for males shows was cracked. But it truly shattered when I discovered something amazing. The majority of the people who watched K-ON in Japan were females. Highschool aged females. As soon as I heard this I began to question it. There was no way this could be true> But the farther down the rabbit hole I went, the more pictures I saw of girls with K-ON key chains and the like, the ticket sales for the movie, as well as other anime directors opinions on the series made me realize: there really is something more to K-ON.

These thoughts on the series were expanded so much more when I finally saw season 2 and the movie. Season 2 is where most of the development of the series takes place, and it has a much clearer season arc (although S1 did have an arc) which was: enjoy the last year of us as Hokago Tea Time (the name of their band). Characters backgrounds, relationships and demeanour were expanded on so much, as well as what their home lives were like. Thes series did everything it could to be the best anime it could be. Not just the best moe it could be and that is what truly shattered my preconceptions of K-ON.


Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return, is seriously hilarious!


Merely seven days ago the cult classic series MST3K got a brand new series on the streaming service Netflix. The series is 14 episodes long and is considered the eleventh season of the original series. Although in tone the series are very similar, the premise for this show is slightly different from the original 1980’s series. To quote the intro:

“In a not too distant future next Sunday AD. There was a guy named Jonah not too different from you or me. He worked at Gizmonic Institute just another mug in a yellow jumpsuit. A distress call came in for him at half-past noon. Now an evil organization trapped him on the dark side of the moon.” So now they make him watch cheesy old movies, and with the help of his robot friends, they make comedy commentaries on the aforementioned movies.

Even though the show is now backed by Netflix it doesn’t have huge production values. Only 6 million dollars for the whole 14 episode season. Because of this (relatively) low-budget, the show has a “hey kids lets put on a show” feel which is incredibly reminiscent of the original series.

Unfortunately, this season does not have any of the original actors, but it is helmed by Joel Hodgson (the original creator and host). The robots voices will take a bit for me to get used to, but they’re fine. The new host Jonah is pretty great though. Of course where this series truly shines is in the riffs. In the first episode (Reptilicus) there were quite a few gut laugh moments. But it gets turned up to eleven in episode two. There are hard laughs every few seconds, and sometimes the riffs get incredibly intricate.

But that’s really the joy of MST3K isn’t it? The feeling of sitting down with a few friends and watching a horribly amazing movie while cracking jokes, laughing and just having a grand old time. That’s truly what this show is about… I love it and I’m sure you will too.

MST3K is right here: http://www.club-mst3k.com/episodes/1-invaders-from-the-deep

The Anime Chronicles Part 2: Tetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy)



In the beginning of anime, there were four studios, Toei Animation (1948), Tatsunoko Pro (1962) and Mushi Productions (1961), and Otogi Pro (1955). This prologue will cover the era of anime up until we arrive at our main topic, today Astro Boy. When it comes to Toei many people believe that their first work was Hakujaden, but it was, in fact, a black and white 13-minute animation called Koneko no Rakugaki over the next seven years before Astro boy Toei Animation released ten animated films, including Saiyuuki (based on the book Journey to the West which eventually inspired the first arc of Dragonball), Arabian Knights: Sinbad no Bouken, and Wanpaku Ouji no Orochi Taiji.

Tatsunoko Productions Uchuu Ace in the same year as Astro Boy. Although they are cited as having been founded 1962 (a full year before Astro Boy). Mushi Productions produced exactly two animated films before Astro Boy, these being Osu and Aru Machi Kado Monogatari. Otogi Pro, on the other hand, is credited for multiple long running projects before the release of Astro Boy. These include the first ever Japanese animated television series (Instant History) which ran for over 1274 episodes.

Chapter One: Astro Boy:

In 1963 Japan released what is considered to be the first popular and recognizable piece of animated television to come out of the country. This series was Tetsuwan Atom or Astro Boy. This series defined a generation of aspiring animators such as the film genius Hayao Miyazaki and Dragonball creator Akira Toriyama. Astro boy also influenced the current style of anime in japan (it popularized the large-eyed aesthetic seen in most current anime).

The series was based on a manga created by Osamu Tezuka (other manga include Black Jack and Princess Knight) who also directed the anime. This series was the beginning for Mushi Productions on television, although previously they had created two films (see Prologue). This was a production studio helmed by the aforementioned Osamu Tezuka. This studio and Toei had a very public rivalry as Osamu Tezuka was once employed by that very studio.

Unlike many American animations such as Snow White, and the Micky Mouse theatrical shorts Astro Boy was not animated on ones. It was animated on threes, which was a cost cutting measure, allowing Mushi Pro to create more episodes, at a faster rate for less money. This decision is something that in later years would frustrate the owner of the Mushi Pro/ Topcraft off-shoot Studio Ghibli, Hayo Miyazaki (who wanted anime to go the course of Disney when it comes to flow). This was the beginning of the anime industry. See you in part 3


Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 14 (First Reaction)


Last year in the spring season an incredible show was released. This was one of the few new shounen series to really focus on the characters and their journey, not subverting shounen tropes (I.e. One Punch Man). This series was entitled Boku no Hero Academia, or as it’s known by most people, My Hero Academia. This season just under one year later the first episode of the second season was released.

I was HYPED for this new season of one of my favorite shows of last year. But oh boy, was this first episode a disappointment. the first ten minutes of this episode was expositional recap. But they were so incredibly lazy with it that they didn’t even make new animation cuts for this exposition. No, it was a One Piece style recap, way too long, and REALLY BORING. Although this section did have an important reveal. What appears to be the real name of All-Might (I don’t remember it right now).

The second half of the episode consisted of weird, fast-paced jokes and was almost consistently was set in one classroom. Eventually, they left and All Might told Izuku about a FUCKING SPORTS TOURNAMENT! Now back when I thought it was a battle tournament I was excited about that but know that I know what it really is, I’m not that excited anymore. Of course, I’m hoping that the writing still shines but I don’t know. Now that I’m guessing it’ll be more focused on the fights and the powers, not the characters.

Overall, the art is still just as spectacular and the writing is… fine. Even if most of it was summarizing the past season. I’m not going to be dropping yet it but if it stays at this quality consistently I’m going to be jumping ship. Well if you enjoyed this post please check out some of my other posts and if you have any comments or criticism leave it in the comments. I’ll see you in the next one.

Spider-man Season 1


In 2012 Marvel had an idea to take some of their most popular characters (and Ant-man) and give them the Batman: Year One Treatment (the Year One line is trademark DC Comics). Edit: They decided to give them the season one of a TV show treatment (doesn’t sound as good but whatever). So of course with Spider-man being their most popular character they decided to give him one of these graphic novels, and it’s pretty mediocre.

Most of this graphic novel adapts Amazing Fantasy #15 (The Wall Crawler’s first appearance) but the remaining amount of the graphic novel adapts Amazing Spider-man #2(the first appearance of The Vulture). For some reason, they decided to skip issue 1 of The Amazing Spider-man which introduced the reoccurring character The Chameleon. Being a graphic novel the artist had more time to work on it and as such. Unfortunately, the writer DID NOT take this time to work on perfecting the script.

Spiderman Season One turns Uncle Ben (the almost mythical, inspirational character of Peter’s past) into a get-rich-quick scheme concocting old fool, much like Phoney Bone. Even though he is incredibly kind and is still the reason why Peter begins his quest on crime (that makes him sound like Batman but whatever). In fact, I would say ALL of the characterization in this book is off, other than Aunt May. The art is good, but not GOD TIER (of course, my god-tier when it comes to comic art is Alex Ross so…).

Neither Mary Jane or Gwen Stacey appear, instead, Peter Parkers love interest (for one dream sequence) is Sally Arvil, a character who is one again NOT characterised properly, being best friends with Flash Thompson, when in actuality she should be Peter’s friend. It takes half of the graphic novel for Uncle Ben to die and that makes the pacing of this comic so slow, especially when it only has around 160 pages to tell its story. Ultimate Spider-man was able to get away with this because it was an ongoing series. The only really worthwhile part of this graphic novel is when they do the “where are they now?” section and they show off issue one of the spectacular Avenging Spider-man, which is very sad.

overall score: 53/100

Lupin III (2015) Review.


I’m a huge Lupin III fan having consumed most of the franchise (other than part III) and am one of the few people to have gone through the trouble of tracking down the Tokyo Pop volumes of the manga. As such when I heard that there would be a new Lupin anime I was absolutely ecstatic… and I didn’t watch it until two years later.

Like always Lupin has a new jacket color, this time he is donning the color blue. Up until watching this series I never really though that any of the jackets worked well other than green. The red looked kind of weird and the pink was an absolute monstrosity, but the blue really fits.

All of your favorite Lupin characters have returned for this series. Like always Zenigata is absolutely hilarious, but we also get a taste of the rarely seen serious Zenigata, which is always amazing (although it was only in one episode). Lupin is just as great as ever, chasing Fujiko and stealing treasure. But this time Lupin also takes up more of a hero role than he has in the previous series with him taking down an “evil” team rocket esque organization and a clone of Leonardo Davinci.

Goemon is in this series a little less than normal which is kind of unfortunate, but whenever he appears is an absolute joy. Fujiko is here again and like always is being a total dick to Lupin. Jiggen takes a bigger role in the series as a whole yet he is unfortunately overshadowed by a brand new character. This character is Rebecca, Lupin’s wife. yes you heard me right Lupin has a wife now, well kind of, she never handed in the documentation to the judge.She takes a front seat in the series, having multiple arcs and episodes devoted to her, but she feels like a rehash of Fujiko, as she is also a rival thief. It seems like she’s going to become a part of the normal cast so I hope she gets expanded on in the future.

This is by far the best looking, and the best-animated thing in the Lupin III franchise, other than the film “Castle of Cagliostro”. Like most Lupin III series most of the animation is focused on subtle character movements with small spurts of sakuga that look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, such as the Nix fight in the second half. There are a few episodes where the animation suffers, but the show overall flows beautifully.

Lupin III (2015) is beautiful to look at. It has a rough sketchy style which makes the sakuga moments look even better. The back round looks hand painted (I’m not sure if it is) and that makes it look absolutely amazing. The series is completely seeping with that classic Lupin III style and combines it with the sketchiness of The Woman Called Fujiko Mine making it look so distinct and stand out.

The story in Lupin III (2015) is incredibly basic, or at least the story throughout most of the series is. The show has two major two episode arcs, those being the DaVinci arc and the MI6 arc. The MI6 arc is by far the better of the two, with it making a bit more sense than the DaVinci arc but it’s still pretty weird. The best episodes of the show are by far the one-offs, which luckily take up most of it. these episodes follow the normal Lupin formula but that formula and the characters are the reason why people love Lupin III.

Overall Score= 9.74/10


KonoSuba S2 drop or watch? #2


So, KonoSuba season 2 just released today and by that I mean tomorrow in Japan, but today in Canada.I watched it exactly 22 minutes before writing this (I just finished Little Witch Academia episode 1) and it was pretty spectacular. All of your favorite characters from the first season are back and are as masochistic, obsessive, and absolutely awful people as they always were.

The animation is the series is pretty good and is a bit better than average Studio Deen shows. The art directing is spectacular in this series and the sheer range of facial expressions exhibited in this episode alone are absolutely amazing. The fact that he is actually being tried for his actions are something that normally doesn’t happen in MMO Light Novel series, but Konosuba is no average MMO Light Novel series.

This series perfectly deconstructs the MMO RPG anime genre which has become popular in recent years. But unlike other so-called “deconstructions” like Madoka KonoSuba does it in a light-hearted comedy series. Most of the jokes landed so well that I was literally laughing out loud most of the episode, although there were a few flops. Unlike in most anime which have OVAs the KonoSuba OVA is actually mentioned and is an integral plot point in the episode.

I do hope that this series is longer (mabey 24 episodes) but the amount of episodes has not been announced yet, or at least not on MAL. I really hope that this trial “arc” doesn’t take longer than two episodes, as it would be incredibly disappointing if it took up a lot of the series. The writing is just as sharp as ever, and once again my favorite loli mage, Megumin is the most adorable character ever created.

So yeah, I will most definitely be watching the rest of this series. The comedy is amazing, the characters are great, and the animation and art direction is pretty “cool”. So that’s all for today (mabey). Please leave any comments or criticisms down bellow. If you enjoyed this why not check out some other posts on my blog? Well, I’ll see you guy’s later. Bye.

30 Day Anime Challenge #6

akira-image.jpgAn Anime I Want To See But Haven’t:

I haven’t seen Akira. Now before you go on a tirade about how “You’re not true anime until you have seen Akira”. Well don’t worry I’m going to get on it, but not before I finish the rest of my PTW list, but why haven’t I watched it? Well, that’s the question I want to answer in this post.

Akira is one of the most influential and critically acclaimed anime of all time, so how is it that a blogger who writes about anime (as well as other things) hasn’t seen this movie? Well, that’s a simple question with a simple answer, I just don’t have the motivation. I am constantly watching so much and reading so many comics and manga that I have no time to watch it.

Of course I will eventually watch it (mabey even this weekend). Every time I try to watch it I find something else I think is cooler. The last time I tried I ended up watching all of Toradora (which I will say was awesome). I don’t really have much left to say so if you liked this post why not stick around on the blog and check out some other posts. Please leave any comments of criticisms down below, and I’ll see you next time.


Akiba’s Trip: The Animation drop or watch? #1


Today I watched the first episode of Akiba’s Trip The animation. This is an adaptation of a pretty mediocre JARPG (Japanese Action Role Playing Game). This series was created by Studio Gonzo who were responsible for the amazing Welcome to The NHK and was directed by Ikehata, Hiroshi the man behind the mediocre Black Bullet. Is this studio and this director a formula for success? Or will I drop this show after episode 1? Let’s find out.

The Animation in Akiba’s Trip is pretty good. The fight scenes are well animated although not as good looking as the show Ikehata Hiroshi was an episode director on last season (Flip Flappers). The character designs are okay, but the yellow-haired girl’s design is the most fucking annoying thing ever. The little sister character is absolutely adorable, and the red/ white haired girls design is pretty okay too. But if were being honest with ourselves the protagonist is really the only character who has a good chaaracter design.

Everyone in this goddamn show is an Otaku, but this series also plays at 10:00 at night when only the nihonjin hikikomori NEET dick wads are watching TV, so of course is will be a little pandering. The body part rangers or what ever they were called was a pretty funny joke, and the fact that the MC is so weak was also cool but I’ve read that kind of character done way better before (Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer). Unfortunately, this aspect was completely destroyed at the end of the episode where he became a total op “badass”.

This episode was fun, even though I’ve mostly been negative in this post so far. I enjoyed the plot and found the whole undress the villain to kill them thing incredibly funny. The pop art style was really nice to look at, and kind of reminded my of a toned down Concrete Revolutio.  Some of the humor was funny but a lot of it fell flat and the action was great. So taking that into account, yeah I’ll be watching it at least for the next few episodes.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did please check out some other posts, or follow the blog. If you have any thoughts and or criticisms please leave them in the comments I appreciate absolutely everything. So with that said I’ll see you guys next time bye.

30 day anime challenge #3


(Spoilers for the FMA franchise) Anime is full of amazing male characters, so narrowing it down to one favorite is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, or at least writing-wise. But in the end I had to choose a character from the second anime I ever watched, Fullmetal Alchemist. Now you may make the case that the characters in that series are mediocre (and in the original anime this is true) but Maes Huges in and version of FMA is amazing.


Maes was the first character I ever truly cared for, I cared what happened to him and his family more than I had cared for any character ever before. He was a character that could be trusted, a man that fought a goof fight, and knew what was right and wrong. He looked after and cared for his family before anyone else and as I child I truly looked up to him.

He never turned away from a fight, even in the face of death he had information that he give his friend and he would not give up. Unfortunately, his kind and loving heart eventually led to his own death at the hands of Envy, that was the first time an anime ever made me cry. He was so important to those around him that he directly or indirectly affected everyone who was ever connected to him, which can be seen in this terribly sad scene from Brotherhood.

I legitimately believe that Maes was never one written poorly. Every time that they used this character he always had something meaningful to add to the plot, he was never used without a purpose. Unfortunately, in Brotherhood he was given no time to develop, because his arc was squished into the opening info-dump that that series had. Maes Hughes is by far that greatest character I have ever had the privilege of getting to know. He will be missed.

Do you have a favorite male character? If so leave it in the comments, all criticism is welcome and appreciated. I hope you have enjoyed this post and if so why not stick around for a while? Well, that will be all for me today (probably), see ya.