My Favourite Anime OP- Anime Questions

So remember when I was doing the 30-day anime challenge then quit? Well, I’m doing it again. But not properly. You see, in this new series “Anime Questions” I will answer questions no one asked about me as an anime fan. This series will be written en-masse then released weekly (so I actually have content coming out).

If you’ve read my last post you probably already know that K-ON!! is my favorite anime of all time. But, not only is K-ON!! my favorite anime it also gave me what I consider to be the greatest anime opening of all time. The opening in question is the first OP of the second season, “GO! GO! MANIAC!” by the band Ho-Kago Tea Time. GO! GO! MANIAC! is quite strange for a Ho-Kago Tea Time song as they normally have more of a pop-punk edge whereas this song has more of a J-pop influence.

When it comes to this OP I don’t just love the song, I also love the animation. This entire OP is animated incredibly well, which is to be expected since the series is created by Kyoto Ani. The CGI in the op is done quite well and blends great with the 2d backgrounds. Getting back to the song, the vocals provided by Yui (the character from the show, not the singer) are absolutely spectacular, and all of the instrumentals are done incredibly well. I just realized that I have absolutely nothing else to say about this OP (I’m no Mother’s Basement) so I’ll be signing off here. See you in the next one.


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