KonoSuba S2 drop or watch? #2


So, KonoSuba season 2 just released today and by that I mean tomorrow in Japan, but today in Canada.I watched it exactly 22 minutes before writing this (I just finished Little Witch Academia episode 1) and it was pretty spectacular. All of your favorite characters from the first season are back and are as masochistic, obsessive, and absolutely awful people as they always were.

The animation is the series is pretty good and is a bit better than average Studio Deen shows. The art directing is spectacular in this series and the sheer range of facial expressions exhibited in this episode alone are absolutely amazing. The fact that he is actually being tried for his actions are something that normally doesn’t happen in MMO Light Novel series, but Konosuba is no average MMO Light Novel series.

This series perfectly deconstructs the MMO RPG anime genre which has become popular in recent years. But unlike other so-called “deconstructions” like Madoka KonoSuba does it in a light-hearted comedy series. Most of the jokes landed so well that I was literally laughing out loud most of the episode, although there were a few flops. Unlike in most anime which have OVAs the KonoSuba OVA is actually mentioned and is an integral plot point in the episode.

I do hope that this series is longer (mabey 24 episodes) but the amount of episodes has not been announced yet, or at least not on MAL. I really hope that this trial “arc” doesn’t take longer than two episodes, as it would be incredibly disappointing if it took up a lot of the series. The writing is just as sharp as ever, and once again my favorite loli mage, Megumin is the most adorable character ever created.

So yeah, I will most definitely be watching the rest of this series. The comedy is amazing, the characters are great, and the animation and art direction is pretty “cool”. So that’s all for today (mabey). Please leave any comments or criticisms down bellow. If you enjoyed this why not check out some other posts on my blog? Well, I’ll see you guy’s later. Bye.


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