30 Day Anime Challenge Day 7


Before I begin the main section of this post I would like to say that I may only be able to post every few days and not everyday for a while. I have semester finals coming up and need to hit the book (unfortunately, that means I won’t be able to watch as much anime but, oh well). If I can’t finish the challenge don’t worry I’ll pick it up again as soon as they’re over.


I, unfortunately, jumped the gun on this one and basically answered the question in one of the previous 30-day anime challenge topics (favorite female anime character). But I left out one of my absolutely favorite characters in that post (I didn’t want to make it longer than it had to be). That character is Kanade from “Angel Beats!”. As I have mentioned many other times on my blog Angel beats is my favorite anime of all time.

Kanade is the most adorable character of all time. That may be because of my love for lolis. She is one of my favorite archetypes the deadpan loli. Or at least she was at the begining of the series, not so much in the last few episodes. like all the characters in Angel Beats she has a spectacular design and is very well written. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a lot more to say about this character so, please leave any criticisms in the comments down below and if you liked this why not read some more of my posts? Anyway, I’ll see you guy later, bye.


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