Akiba’s Trip: The Animation drop or watch? #1


Today I watched the first episode of Akiba’s Trip The animation. This is an adaptation of a pretty mediocre JARPG (Japanese Action Role Playing Game). This series was created by Studio Gonzo who were responsible for the amazing Welcome to The NHK and was directed by Ikehata, Hiroshi the man behind the mediocre Black Bullet. Is this studio and this director a formula for success? Or will I drop this show after episode 1? Let’s find out.

The Animation in Akiba’s Trip is pretty good. The fight scenes are well animated although not as good looking as the show Ikehata Hiroshi was an episode director on last season (Flip Flappers). The character designs are okay, but the yellow-haired girl’s design is the most fucking annoying thing ever. The little sister character is absolutely adorable, and the red/ white haired girls design is pretty okay too. But if were being honest with ourselves the protagonist is really the only character who has a good chaaracter design.

Everyone in this goddamn show is an Otaku, but this series also plays at 10:00 at night when only the nihonjin hikikomori NEET dick wads are watching TV, so of course is will be a little pandering. The body part rangers or what ever they were called was a pretty funny joke, and the fact that the MC is so weak was also cool but I’ve read that kind of character done way better before (Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer). Unfortunately, this aspect was completely destroyed at the end of the episode where he became a total op “badass”.

This episode was fun, even though I’ve mostly been negative in this post so far. I enjoyed the plot and found the whole undress the villain to kill them thing incredibly funny. The pop art style was really nice to look at, and kind of reminded my of a toned down Concrete Revolutio.  Some of the humor was funny but a lot of it fell flat and the action was great. So taking that into account, yeah I’ll be watching it at least for the next few episodes.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did please check out some other posts, or follow the blog. If you have any thoughts and or criticisms please leave them in the comments I appreciate absolutely everything. So with that said I’ll see you guys next time bye.


One thought on “Akiba’s Trip: The Animation drop or watch? #1

  1. I kind of liked the protagonist of this but didn’t like the premise so much. Still, episode one was entertaining enough that I’ll go back for another episode or two before making a decision.

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