30 Day Anime Challenge #4


This was a very hard decision. Even harder in fact than choosing my favorite male anime character, the reason this was so hard is because of a little thing called waifus. Listen, I didn’t want to turn this blog post into a favorite waifu thing but I just couldn’t help myself. So I was torn between the two greatest lolis of all time, Taiga and Megumin.

Even as I’m writing this post I can’t decide which of these characters are my favorite. Megumin is the most adorable character of all time. But Taiga is also incredibly cute and has the most character out of the two. Errrrrrrr… Oh my god I’m dying over here. Please, lord and savior Kirito help me decide which girl is, in fact, best? Oh. Are you sure? All of them? Well um… Okay. So according to Kirito both girls are best. So I will explain why I like both and not choose just one. Because I’m just that big of a pimp.



Ah yes. Megumin. She was the first character I ever declared to be my “waifu”, she waa also my introduction to the beauty of the loli. Oh shit, the cops just showed up. She has one of my favorite designs of all time. From that now iconic hat to that one piece, long-armed dress, and cape she has what is probably one of the most recognizable designs ever (at least for me).

But it is not just her design that I love. The character doesn’t have THAT much personality, but what she does have is incredibly charming. She is so utterly obsessed with explosion magic that it literally becomes self-harmful (but how obsessed she is with it IS JUST SO CUTE). I just realized that I really don’t have any reasons other than the fact that she is just so goddamn attractive. Sooooo… Um. Taiga is up next.



Hey! Look who it is, Taiga, the greatest tsundere of all time! But not only is she a tsundere, nonono. She is also a loli. A tsundere and a loli? The perfect combination. I realise that my reasons for likeing megumin are incredibly shallow (I also don’t care) but I love taiga for completely diffrent reasons.

Taiga is a good character, with real emotions, and and a real character arc. She has motivations that we can understand (I don’t want to spoil it soi want say what). While she doesn’t always act likee a real person she is at least better then your average loli or tsundere. The romace that she has in the series is beautiful and hert crush on a person who friend zoned her is somthing I think everyone can understand. While the lengths that she goes to in the name of that love is  quite exagerated shwe is still a great character who is more realistic than your average lightnovel character… *cough* Kirito *cough*.

She has a great character design, which passing the shilouete test with flying colours. The colour scheme is one of my favorite of all time after Kamina  and Simone. She is so ultimitely cute, and shal I say it BEAUTIFUL. As well as th- wait no Kirito I’m sorry. I was just joking, I wasn’t serious. You’re not tht worst character of all time. The guy from the Ass-war is worse. oh. okay he’s gone.

Sorry about how thatkind of wen’t off the rails, i just wanted to trysomthing diffrent. So I will see you tommorow when I awnser that uktimate question, what anime am i ashamed I enjoyed? Until then, leave all critizism or advice in the coments, i appreciate everything. And I will see all you hikikomori, who I asume are my primary demographic later.



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