30 day anime challenge #3


(Spoilers for the FMA franchise) Anime is full of amazing male characters, so narrowing it down to one favorite is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, or at least writing-wise. But in the end I had to choose a character from the second anime I ever watched, Fullmetal Alchemist. Now you may make the case that the characters in that series are mediocre (and in the original anime this is true) but Maes Huges in and version of FMA is amazing.


Maes was the first character I ever truly cared for, I cared what happened to him and his family more than I had cared for any character ever before. He was a character that could be trusted, a man that fought a goof fight, and knew what was right and wrong. He looked after and cared for his family before anyone else and as I child I truly looked up to him.

He never turned away from a fight, even in the face of death he had information that he give his friend and he would not give up. Unfortunately, his kind and loving heart eventually led to his own death at the hands of Envy, that was the first time an anime ever made me cry. He was so important to those around him that he directly or indirectly affected everyone who was ever connected to him, which can be seen in this terribly sad scene from Brotherhood.

I legitimately believe that Maes was never one written poorly. Every time that they used this character he always had something meaningful to add to the plot, he was never used without a purpose. Unfortunately, in Brotherhood he was given no time to develop, because his arc was squished into the opening info-dump that that series had. Maes Hughes is by far that greatest character I have ever had the privilege of getting to know. He will be missed.

Do you have a favorite male character? If so leave it in the comments, all criticism is welcome and appreciated. I hope you have enjoyed this post and if so why not stick around for a while? Well, that will be all for me today (probably), see ya.



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