30 Day Anime Challenge #2


My Favorite Anime:

(spoilers) Not too long ago (this summer) I sat down to watch one of the most popular anime ever Angel beats, little did I know this show would take me on the emotional rollercoaster of my life. This show made me laugh, and it made me cry and at episode 5 it became my favorite show of all time.

The characters are absolutely amazing, and I cared so much about them that I cried every time I had to say goodbye. Kanade is my favorite character of all time, causing me to truly dub her, best girl. The series has amazing comedy, with the first deleted episode having me literally laughing out loud the whole time watching it.

I do wish that it had lasted longer though, as I was just getting invested in the story and the characters when it came to an end. But luckily there is a manga and visual novel which fill in every detail the show left out. Since I already did a post about this show this post will be a shorter one, but I  will link that post here: https://someguysblogcom.wordpress.com/2016/11/06/life-after-angel-beats/.


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