30 day anime challenge #1

564835I have no idea what this is. I don’t know the time frame, the edict or how this started. I just need to get more content out after an inconsistent first few months. So today I will be starting the 30-day anime challenge, I hope you enjoy.


The first anime I ever watched (not counting Pokemon) was Dragonball Z  Kai. I woke up one Saturday morning, I had just found out about Sonic X at school the day before and decided to watch it that morning. But when Sonic X was over the next show to be played was DBZ Kai episode 2, and holy shit did my 9-year-old mind explode. I saw super buff dudes punching each other in the face at the speed of sound and shooting lasers from their hands and that was everything young me loved.

I wanted to BE just as strong Goku, every time he trained on screen, I did to (although not to much avail). From that day onward I watched every episode multiple times, eventually completely leaving Sonic X behind. I then went on to watch Dragonball GT, which at the time I loved. I never watched the original Dragonball until a few years ago, though. But I bought all the figures (even the Tamashii Nations ones), the t-shirts, and the films.

Dragonball Z was to my childhood, what Fairly Odd Parents was to my friends. It was what made me who I am today (an annoying otaku who spends her free time on 4-chan and making comics no one will ever see). While a lot of people left their gateway anime like Naruto or Bleach behind, I’m proud to say that I still love, and respect Dragon Ball. To this day I still watch everything Dragon Ball related that is released.



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