The Best (And Worst) Anime of 2016!

animu-2016So since today is one of the first days of the new year I’ve decided that I ‘m going to go back through the last year and tell you my top 7 best and top 7 worst anime of the year. Now, I would like you to realize that this list is in no way objective this is an ONE HUNDRED PERCENT subjective list so, now that that’s out of the way let’s get going.

The Best:

1: Fune Wo Amu (The Great Passage)

  • An amazing drama series where we get to see adults, who act, look and talk like adults trying to make a dictionary. This was quite the nice refreshing series after experiencing a year filled up mostly with pretty mediocre light novel and shounen adaptations.

2: Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume

  • Planetarian is an incredibly feels filled anime which is only five episodes long! Each episode is a different length, making the show only as long as it needs to be (which is something I really wish One Piece would implement.)

3: KonoSuba

  • Konosuba is a comedy making fun of the stupid shit that stuff like SAO and the dot hack series popularized, shitty MMO RPG anime series! The way that the MC gets into the fantasy world is so funny that it had me laughing the whole rest of the episode. Unfortunately, it’s only 10 episodes but a new season is coming out this upcoming season.

4: Space Patrol Luluco

  • This show to put it frankly, is Trigger. It’s what you get if you combine the comedy of Trigger’s most insane shows and shorts (eg. Sex and Violence With Machspeed), and the absolute insanity of Kill La Kill, or Gurren Lagann. This show wasn’t the only Trigger series this year, but the other (Kiznaiver) is the opposite of this, making it kind of weird for fans of Trigger like myself. So if you want a real Trigger experience this year, check out Luluco, it’s amazing.

5: Boku no Hero Academia

  • This show is one of the few NEW current shounen anime that does not use a subversion of shounen tropes as part of it’s premise. It has strong animation (because Bones) and amazing character designs by Yoshihiko Umakoshi, the man behind the amazing Casshern Sins and Heart Catch PreCure. Unfortunately, it does stop right when the show gets going, but… THE NEXT SEASON IS A TOURNAMENT ARC, OH YES!

6: Mob Psycho 100

  • Mob Psycho 100 was the greatest animation showcase since Space Dany. It features one of the most likable protagonists this year and had the best ed of the year. The action scenes are spectacular and the HYPE TRAIN that was the ending was a great ride.

7: Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou

  • This series is super fun. It features an absurd premise about a boy who works at a Tonkatsu restaurant who realizes that the skills for making that dish are the same as for DJing. NO JOKE this is what the show is about. Agetarou goes through a nice arc in this series and I still constantly think back to it’s funniest moments. While I realize that this show is not THAT popular I still loved it.


The Worst:

1: Masou Gakuen HxH

  • Oh boy, a brand new ecchi harem show with a cool sounding plot mabey it’s g- oh no nevermind it sucks. I’ve been waiting so L-O-N-G for an ecchi series that isn’t terrible in the last few years but I have not got one. This show was a generic, otaku pandering piece of literal SHIT and the insane censor white bars do not help it at all.

2: Berserk (2016)

  • Hey Berserk fans remember when we left you hanging at the end of the last show from the 90s? Well here’s a new show just for y- oh no, wait it sucks. So this series is filled with really bad CGI and character designs that make the Berserk Sega Saturn game blush. But you should be able to overlook this in a Berserk show because the manga really shines in the writing. But no, they fucked that up too. There is literally NO substance in this show.

3: Mahou Shoujo? Naria☆Girls

  • This show may look like an unassuming magical girl show from the premise and the art they show off on MAL. But when you turn it on you discover a CGI show with worse animation than Berserk, trying to be an improv show like Rick and Morty. But while the later shines because of actual talent behind the show, Naria Girls has nothing, there is no substance and no story in this show. And you know what? It makes less sense than Teeykuu.

4: Hagane Orchestra

  • The first episode of this show was good, it’s a comedy about some girls from some m0bile game trying to promote it inside the world of the game. But this is the joke in every episode, and it gets stale FAST. The art direction show is weird and I thought it was actually pretty ugly. The animation is pretty bad, and it constantly reuses the same jokes, bringing nothing new to the table.

5: Nazotokine

  • This is a show about a girl who needs to solve puzzles. No, I’m not kidding. This anime is based on a game, so that’s probably why it’s so bad. The story is bland and makes no sense, it feels insulting and pandering and the music is awful. The animation is sub-par and the series in obviously just a commercial, but with no heart.

6: Sousei no Onmyouji (Twin Star Exorcist)

  • This is a bland and boring show. The whole show feels ripped from other series. The plot is uninspired and just incredibly stupid. As well as this the “romance” in the show is average at best, and only something emotionally stunted man-children can take seriously. The animation starts out fine, but eventually completely falls off, into a JoJo level of movement, but without the coolness.

7: Flying Witch Petit

  • These short ONAs are something no one cared about, which is good to hear considering that they are an absolute insult to the original series. Flying which is an amazing iyashikei anime but the petit version is an incredibly boring and pandering series. They ruin the beautiful character designs in the show with it’s CGI chibi art style. In fact so few people watched this show that there are no reviews for it on MAL.


This year was pretty okay for anime, although not amazing. It had some great shows, but some real shit to.It was definitely no 2007, but no other year has reached the heights that one did. So I’m looking forward to next season and I hope you are to, KonoSuba S2 here I come!



3 thoughts on “The Best (And Worst) Anime of 2016!

  1. Great list. You just reminded me I still haven’t caught up Twin Star Exorcists. I took a break from the series because while it was watchable it wasn’t that interesting and then I just never got back to it.

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