Scott Pilgrim vol 1 Review.


I’m sure no one would argue that Scott Pilgrim is absolutely amazing.Well unless you’re a total dick who doesn’t know how to enjoy anything. Our story features a 23-year-old guy named Scott Pilgrim, who lives with a gay roommate, is the bassist in a terrible band called “Sex Bob-Omb”, is currently between jobs, and is dating a high schooler. So his life is pretty sweet. Until he meets a girl named Ramona Flowers in his dream and becomes obsessed. So now Scott needs to defeat Ramona’s “six or seven” evil ex-boyfriends. So now his life is not that sweet.

According to JOSS FUCKING WHEDON,  “Scott Pilgrim is the best book ever. It is the chronicle of our time. With Kung Fu, so, yeah: perfect”. And I could not agree more. Bryan Lee O’Malley is one of my favorite artists. He has an incredibly simplified style, which I think makes the graphic novel much more fun to read. Now I read the black and white version of the books but from what I’ve seen of the colored version it looks even better (which is a HUGE accomplishment). The author’s art style is so amazingly beautiful, he really knows how to draw action and dynamic poses, which is, unfortunately, something I don’t see a lot of these days.

The story is interesting but it doesn’t really get going until the last quarter of the graphic novel, with the rest being all set up. The “big climax” of this is book is actually a huge letdown, with the battle between Scott, and evil boyfriend #1 only taking 20 pages, and half of those are two-page spreads. Although all problems I have with it are basically fixed in vol 2. The humor in this book is also absolutely hilarious, but may be kind of inaccessible for non-nerds.

So taking that all into account, I’m going to throw all objectivity out of the window and give Scott Pilgrim an, 11 out of 10. You’re welcome.


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