Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency Episode 1 first reaction.


I love Douglas Adams’ work, so when I was on Netflix earlier today and saw a brand new Dirk Gently series on the featured spot I needed to watch it. So here I am an hour later writing a blog post about the collection of hilarious coincidence, great cinematography, and loveable characters that is Dirk Gently’s Hostile Detective Agency. And my god, do I lo love this show.

Okay, you may be thinking to yourself, “how can you love a show before you’ve even seen more than one episode?” Well because I’ve never seen a TV show that started on a good episode, and didn’t stay good (see Digibro’s “How to Recognize a Great Anime (In Just One Episode)” part one and two, for more information on the topic).

Since I am a  big fan of the books (and The Hobbit put a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to adaptations), I, of course, had zero expectations going into it. But I was happily surprised! Dirk himself is an incredibly humorous character, with his outlook on life being incredibly interesting. His whole “everything is interconnected” philosophy is incredibly interesting. Todd (Dirks unwilling sidekick) is a really nice change from the average companion of the brilliant MC you normally find on the BBC. Todd’s sister, Amanda is also incredibly interesting. She has some sort of nerve condition here you see things that aren’t real but, they are normally really painful.

The story was quite interesting. It started out really strong in this episode, introducing all of our main characters, as well as already having Todd already being a suspect in 2 different cases of homicide. It introduced 3 different plots, all of which appear to be interconnected. There’s an assassin who kidnapped some random guy, and is out on a quest to kill Dirk. There’s a homicide that Dirk is investigating, and Todd gets wrapped up in it. Our final plot is that the FBI, and two other dudes are trailing Dirk, and Todd respectively while also investigating a kidnapping. Because of the amount of plots and contrivances gives me a very Baccano feel.

So yeah I give it an 8.


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