Life After Angel Beats.

thumb-1920-135330.jpgI have recently finished watching the anime series “Angel Beats!” and holy shit was it ever amazing. I now consider this series to be my number one favorite anime of all time. Which is just a testament to how much I loved it because “Wandering Son” has been my favorite anime without falter for a whole year today. But why is this show my favorite? Well besides the hilarious comedy, the amazing characters, the great fight scenes.

There are so many reasons to love Angel Beats. But it did something to me that no anime has been able to do since Maes Hughes death in Fullmetal Alchemist. I cared so much about these characters that I cried a whole four times during the fifteen episodes (That of course if much less than most people (unless you’re a heartless monster, or don’t like angel beats in which case, what the hell is wrong with you?). But me crying from both joy, and sorrow during this show does not mean that it was instantly my favorite anime. That took me two episodes. The first episode was fast-paced and had a lot of action and comedy, and was a great episode, but it didn’t grab me like the first episode of FMA:B or Wandering Son.

After I got over this though I found my favorite anime of all time. And I absolutely loved it. Which is kind of obvious. Although that, of course is not saying that this is a perfect show, it has multiple offenses of shitty pacing, and not fleshing out the secondary characters enough. Although there is a reason for this, which is that it was supposed to be MUCH longer, probably around 24 episodes. Luckily though, the manga and the visual novel do fill in this gap.

This show really made me think, which is something I absolutely love. It made me question the importance of life, death and a god. The main character of the show is a man who has no memories of his life, and as such is sent to the purgatory where people who didn’t get to live out their youth go. (Spoilers ahead) but, he actually did live out his youth, because his sister’s death motivated him to become a doctor, where as everyone else never got to live their lives to the fullest. In fact, the mc died saving one of the other characters, Tenshi with the organs that he donated.

The fact that none of these people who were so young got to live their lives to the fullest got me thinking, that I need to do something to make my life worth living. So I decided to not be held down by what I’m supposed to do, and just do whatever I want. Which I believe will make me enjoy the short lifespan I have as much as humanly possible. I have decided to travel the world, and as I’m doing it try new things, I have decided to get two majors in University, (those being animation and robotics engineering). This show inspired me and I know it has inspired so many other people as well. Hopefully it’ll do the same for you. So in the end, this show is definitely a 10.




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