The Enjoyment of Haruhi Suzumiya.

haruhi-suzumiya-haruhi-suzumiya-character-15680219-1600-1200The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is one of the all time great anime series. Infact it’s on every 3×3 I’ve ever made since watching it. But what is it about a god in high school who can reshape the world at her will but doesn’t know it that makes people love it so much? Well if that premise alone sells you on the Haruhi franchise then you likely will have one of the greatest viewing experiences you’ve ever had.

Of course this does not mean that everyone will be sold on this premise automatically, because you may hear that and think of it as a supernatural moe series. But that is certainly far from the truth. Haruhi is one of the most influential anime of all time, I believe it was even more so than even Cowboy Bebop. But that’s not to say it’s without its faults. It has one of the most confusing chronologies ever, with it originally being broadcast out of order, in a similar fashion to Baccano. Many people swear by this as the only way to watch it, following it then with the second season and the movie The Dissapearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. Whereas the other half swear by watching it in the correct of course I am in the camp of watching it chronologically (I’m a big stickler for that sort of thing).

Even though this has split the community down the middle it still accomplishes some of the greatest feats in anime. It achieves true meta. In the original broadcast order you watch the last episode first. In this episode it shows a film (of questionable quality) that the group surrounding Haruhi made (I currently have forgotten their name). This film features the main characters playing cliche characters of the supernatural. Those characters who are playing  these cliched archetypes are in the series portrayed as those very same archetypes. The fact that they play supernatural characters also aids in helping you come to the conclusion that they are not what they seem. Now not only does it have these great characters but it also has a fantastic story. It is one of the ultimate anime series and I would definatly recomend that if you’re an anime fan, no scratch that. It doesn’t matter if you’re an anime fan or not, you’ll enjoy it anyway.

-SomeGuy’sOpinions                                                                                                                                        2016-09-29.


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